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S. Worthen
London, United Kingdom
S. Worthen
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Smith College - Northampton MA
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University of York - York England - North Yorkshire UK
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Medievalist, historian of technology, student, traveller, reader, food tourist, and writer.

You are more than welcome to read what I write, whether through LJ's friends mechanism or through rss. If I wasn't willing for random strangers to read what I write, I wouldn't make public posts. That said, I'm always interested in knowing how others happened to run across my weblog. I encourage you to leave me a comment about it and introduce yourself, especially if you're going to stick around and read for a while!

Currently, I (somehow) can still manage to keep up with all the posts on my LJ Friendslist without filtering them. If I don't friend you back, it's nothing personal. I'll check in on your writing now and again anyways.
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