S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Those Google Chrome posters

At first, the large Google Chrome advertising campaign on the Underground bothered by because of inconsistent period use: "A new, fast browser. Made for everyone" I know, the second "sentence" is a tag line, the phrases pivoting around that central period. But that lack of a second period annoyed me at first.

Now I just ridicule them whenever I encounter them for the modest number of tabs they boast of using. 12. 14. 21. If I've made it down to a mere 21 tabs, then I have almost nothing open anymore. (I know, I have a tab problem, but they're so very useful for retaining announcement and pages for followup in a place where I won't forget and lose them.)

They're advertising at "normal" browser use, presumably, but if PR campaign for a web browser really wanted to capture my attention with an ad campaign, it would boast of the ease with which it handles hundreds of tabs.
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