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For the first time in a while I have (technically) fulfilled by to-do list for the day! Hurray! The vaguely-related book is finished, and concluded with an engrossing essay related to interdisciplinarity, which is of especial interest to me. The Really Basic list is off to a good start. I spent the assigned number of hours on it, the core is solid, but it's one of those projects which could loiter on indefinitely. The list is in good shape, which is the important thing, and nicely done up in a spreadsheet for easy importation into my database-to-be.

Now if only the computer would show up. It's been a full 2 weeks now. How backordered can the thing be? C. suggests that if it's not come by tomorrow, I call around and see if another store has it in stock.

Two more somewhat academic highlights of the day: one of my professors liked my 5 minutes of fame; and I could successfully answer field-related questions asked by my mother. I need to go and read up more on Vincent of Beauvais, however, since I didn't know nearly enough off of the top of my head.

Eurovision's on Saturday! No idea how I arrived at a point in my life where this is something to look forward to, but nevertheless, there it is.