S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


For the third day running, my American employer is closed due to inclement weather. Here, there have been daily flurries with entirely negligible accumulation, when any. Tonight, the sidewalks iced up though. Tread softly.

I know the country roads are particularly treacherous and yet - I keep making it to Canterbury just fine through all the weather, including today's, while other people who live within ten miles of the city are unable to.

Speaking of Canterbury, I'll see if I can't fit in a bit of urgent tourism sometime soon. The city's Roman Museum and Westgate Museum are in danger of being shut down being re-examined for ways to save on city council budget. (Petition against closure. FB Group.) The public relations issues these museums have is immediately evident in the article, if the best illustrative photograph the Independent could find is in black and white and dates from the 1950s.
Tags: canterbury, weather

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