S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Time, changes, genericity

Has it been five years already? So soon? I remember that LJ meme vividly, as if it were just the other week, the one developed by cataptromancer. oursin has revived the "post a generic post" meme, in which contributors write a post which is as generic of their usual posting habits as possible. I know it will go mildly viral since matociquala has already posted one too.

I know it's been five years since mine is dated April 22, 2005. It's not really a generic post, since I wrote a poem about my usual topics, but it still isn't that bad a representation of the sorts of subjects I was posting about back then. I no longer have reason to write about the Latin Exam. I still love going for afternoon tea, but it's not an active project the way it was for me in 2005 in Toronto. I did, eventually, fix the colors on my website. They are perfectly legible these days. I don't maintain the list of medievalists as weblogs as actively as I once did, and occasionally wonder if it's still even useful to other people. I don't go to concerts as often as I did then, back when I had student discounts and a more compact city center, easier to get around and do more with, and more people doing them.

But otherwise, it's still fairly representative of me and my posting habits, I think.
Tags: meme

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