S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Pearl Awards

The Pearl Award nominations are out and, as usual, I've only made good inroads on the Science Fiction category. What struck me about them, however, is how the category (and many of the other Pearl categories) are dominated by books deep down in the middle of series. Hope's Folly is volume 3 of a series. The Warlord's Daughter is theoretically the beginning of a new series, but follows on from an earlier trilogy. Diamond Star is part of a long-term, ongoing series. Beyond the Rain is the only exception here - it's the first book by a new author.

All of this means that this list is no great way to dabble in SFR, at least for those of us with a strong preference for beginning at the beginning of a series of related books. Going back to start at the beginning of a series just to be able to read whatever's currently nominated requires a great deal of commitment. At least it's not a bad list for recognizing some of the best authors out there working in the subgenre.

Yet, there are good reasons for this situation: a limited number of relevant authors publishing decent works, combined with advantages for both author and publisher of multi-book contracts and series set in worlds which have already sold well. In addition, given the nature of the award, they are more likely to do well if they are books known to paranormal romance fans more generally, rather than SFR fans more specifically. SFR, as a conscious subgenre, is still very young.
Tags: romance science fiction

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