S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Weather not fit for human consumption

I went outside today to wait for the streetcar to school. I was sorely tempted to just turn around and go home again. The Bitter Winter faery came to visit with a vengeance! (See here for the faery's context)

The low tonight is meant to be -17°C/1°F. Currently, it's a "balmy" -15°C/6°F with a brisk bit of wind blowing and bright blue clear skies to help any heat go away as quickly as possible. Environment Canada cites the current wind chill as being around -23°C/-9°F. At least we aren't in Moscow. C. mentioned it was -40° there last week. It doesn't matter which scale you use at that temperature - they cross over there.

I designed my going-home route to minimize outdooredness and, as a consequence, ran into a random poll taker, my friend Ilana, a student of mine from last year, and a mug of banana hot chocolate.
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