S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Classics degrees at Leeds: The degrees in Latin and Greek are going to be cut, part of the funding cuts pressure which is causing cuts in languages all over the places. But I'm particularly sorry to see so many Latin and Greek degrees affected. There's a student FB group, Save Classics@Leeds.

Short stories: Polyphony, volume 7 of a highly-reviewed fantasy/slipstream anthology series, is in danger of going under if it doesn't have enough pre-subscribers by Friday. Commentary on the issue here, here, and here. I note that it's moderately expensive, but publishing has costs. It has spawned more debate over the vibrancy (or lack thereof) of the short story market.

Data on having a novel published: Parts one and two of Jim Hines's survey of the successful quest for a professional novel sale among authors is out. I particularly like the graphs.

Pan d'oro and Panettone: It came two days after I ordered it, to my astonishment. I now have all the panettone in the world, and yet there's still more of it on sale for UKP2.99 and 3.99. Note that the cheapest shipping price is 6.50, so if you're tempted, factor that into consideration. (Context)
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