S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

History of Medicine at UCL, The Odyssey, some balloons, and some blogs

I'm somewhat shocked that the Wellcome History of Medicine unit at UCL is due to be shut down. That's a WHOLE lot of historians of medicine at all phases of their career who will be out of a job by sometime in the next two years.

Ben Bova has a book coming out based on the Iliad. LeGuin's Lavinia was based on the Aeneid. Does this mean we're due for a book based on the Odyssey?

Balloonists over Bristol - one of my favorite reports from during the volcanic ash shutdown.

Blogs, thematically: A Bit of Butter and a Pinch of Arsenic. Even as there can be book spine poetry, surely there can be Blog Title Recipes. I'd rather not eat this particular one, of course.
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