S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

A decadence of democracy

The UK is voting today.

makyo observed that he, personally, had two votes: one for the local candidate, one for the national one.

With that in mind, I indulged in a thrilling surfeit of voting today. My Iowa ballot, for primary elections in June, arrived yesterday, just in time for me to join in on the ambient voting going on in the UK. It might only be a primary, but I didn't get to vote twice: I got to vote twelve times.

Admittedly, there was only a contested race for one of those votes within the party. But I come from a country where we vote on all sorts of things. On this ballot alone, there was voting for the County Treasurer, the State Treasurer, the State Attorney, and the State Secretary of Agriculture, among others. On the federal scale, a member of House of Representatives, and the contested race for U.S. Senator.

On non-primary elections (whatever they're called - "real" elections?), there may be ballots to amend the Iowa constitution, or to enact a local, county-specific sales tax on something-or-other. We elect members of the water board, the school board, and affirm judiciary appointments too. Even from the other side of the ocean, my ballot, so reflective of very local politics as it is, still ties me to where I grew up. I may be very far away from where I vote, but at least I get to vote a whole lot in compensation.
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