S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Write Fantastic Fifth Anniversary

I went off to Oxford for most of Saturday for the Write Fantastic fifth anniversary event on Saturday, held at St. Hilda's College. I would say it was nice to be near the water, since it's along the river, but with the drizzle, there was lots of ambient water anyways.

  • I had a hunch that there would be people I knew on the train over. I found clanwilliam and major_clanger towards the end of the train and joined them for politics, an Guardian Independent picture quiz, and looking at the landscape. There were steam engines outside.

  • How lovely it was to see so many people, both on stage and off! I spent the debut authors panel thinking of how editors and authors might relate to my friend-the-literary-agent. la_marquise_de_ spent the first part of the panel pretending she was "just" the moderator; totally a coincidence that her first novel came out in the last year too. Sarah Ash did an even more convincing job of being purely a moderator; only just now, looking at the group's website, do I realize that of course she was there as a novelist, stealthily. The "Reflections on a Life in Writing" panel shared with us how many people they knew that they'd killed in their books. It also somewhat indirectly led to my discovery, inspired by the name of the session, that at least two of the people there are vampires. (See mirror post for explanation.)

  • The pub-across-the-street was not prepared for 40+ people arriving all at once for lunch. They were very good-natured about it, and delighted with the business, but since we - pennski, A, and C. - foolishly chose our table and food before ordering it, our food arrived after the first afternoon session was scheduled to begin. Once we'd finally eaten and returned, we discovered that they'd waited just for us. Or at least for the time at which we coincidentally returned.

  • The event was attended by several very tall people. I realized that I'm not used to talking to several tall people at once. It gives me neck ache.

  • Business, of sorts, happened too, with an extended SHMTS* discussion with a fellow board member who was present, and a more focused BSFA one.

* The next SHMTS meeting will be in Oxford and deals with medieval maps! I'll post more details at the end of the week.
Tags: oxford, sf conventions

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