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I'm not in Kalamazoo right now and won't be this week. Instead of attending the annual Medieval Congress, I'll be finishing my marking, reading, and, if today is any indication, shopping for velociraptors. I'm not sure I ever had a year before where so many people assumed I'd be going in advance. They had every reason to as I do go most years; indeed, I'm intending to go next year. This year, assuming all goes to plan, I'm choosing the Iowa State Fair in August over the latest in medieval scholarship, the zombie swan apocalypse, and pizzookies at Bilbo's in May.

Just because I'm not there doesn't mean you aren't. (Hello, juniperus!) So, for those of you who are, some suggestions, recommendations, and things I would do if I were.

The Chaucer Blog Book Launch Party is on Thursday at 6 pm! To be held Somewhere Somewhere Specific.

As usual, the blogger meetup will be at 7 8 am on Friday at MugShots.

AVISTA, as usual, has a good roster of events I encourage you to attend. (And while I'm on the subject, if you're interested in medieval technology, science, or architectural history, you should consider joining it. If you're in the UK, you should also consider SHMTS.)

Friday, May 14, 10:00 am - Fetzer 1055
Architecture & Glass I: In Memory of Anne Prache

Organizer: William Clark (Queens College & The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Presider: Charles Little (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

"The Fusion of the Arts in the Gothic Era," Fabienne Joubert (University of Paris-Sorbonne)
"Joseph’s Dream in the Infancy Window of Saint-Denis," Michael Cothren (Swarthmore College)
"A New Glazing with Old Glass: François Debret’s Installations of Medieval Stained Glass at the Basilica of Saint-Denis," Mary Shepard (Friends University)"

Friday, May 14, 1:30 pm - Fetzer 1055
Architecture & Glass II: In Memory of Anne Prache

Organizer: Charles Little (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Presider: Nancy Wu (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

"A Distinctive Approach to the History of Architecture," Dany Sandron (University of Paris-Sorbonne)
"The Cathedral, the Palace, and the Hôtel: Paths of Architectural Description in Guillebert de Mets," Michael Davis (Mount Holyoke College)
“Shifting Views: Arcade Screens and Chevet Chapels from Saint-Remi to Saint-Quentin," Ellen Shortell (Massachusetts College of Art)

Friday, May 14, 3:30 pm - Fetzer 1055
Architecture & Glass III: In Memory of Anne Prache

Organizer: Nancy Wu (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Presider: William Clark (Queens College & The Graduate Center, CUNY)

“Flamboyant Glass in a Rayonnant Setting: The Virgin Chapel at Evreux Cathedral," Philippe Lorentz (University of Strasbourg)
"Filiae Hierusalem: Female Statue Columns in Twelfth-century Champagne," Kathleen Nolan (Hollins University) and Susan Ward (Rhode Island School of Design)
"Joseph at Chartres: Sculpture Lost and Found," Charles Little (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Saturday, May 15, 1:30 pm - Bernhard 208
Painted Architecture and Sculpture: General Problems and Issues

Organizers: Paula Gerson (Florida State Univ.) and Harry Titus (Wake Forest Univ.)
Presider: Kathleen Nolan (Hollins University)

"The Hidden 11th Century Painted Façade of Santa Maria de Ripoll: A Prototype for the 12th Century Sculpted Portal?" Manuel Castiñeiras Gonzalez (Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya)
"Painted Interior Surfaces: Goals and Reception," Harry Titus (Wake Forest University)
"Color and Context: Comparative Study of the Use and 'Abuse' of Polychromy in Medieval Wooden Sculpture in the Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia, Rome," Grazia Maria Fachechi (University of Urbino)
"Painted Façade Sculpture: Perception and Cognition," Paula Gerson (Florida State University)

AVISTA Reception - Friday, May 14, 5:15 pm - Fetzer 1035

AVISTA Business Meeting - Saturday, May 15, 12:00 pm - Valley II 201

On Saturday night, two friends of mine are giving a Pseudosociety paper. It's the first time I've known anyone who has! Go learn about 'The Templar Heresy Revisited: An Interdisciplinary Case Study' and then tell me all about it.
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