S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Eight years and two days ago, setting up a publicly-visible weblog on a free, open-source platform seemed like a good solution to keeping on top of my to-do list. It wasn't a social decision, but a work-related one.

I see in my first post that I was reading my first Christopher Dyer essay collection. Appropriate enough, I have another coming in the mail any day now. Then, I was about to get a new computer as my old one was dying. Now, my laptop is starting its decline but, despite the way I can't always type apostrophes, tabs, or delete, (all of which are a pain to copy/paste in, if it can be done at all), it's not quite ready for replacement. haggisthesecond was my very first LJ friend. She and I (among other people) had dinner together on Saturday night. (She wasn't one of my first friends met through the internet however - that was the SC crowd, many of whom are still around here on LJ too.) In Canada, LJ was used by a haphazard collection of friends; when I moved to the UK, I found it was one of the core social coordinating tools used by the SF community. Aided by the networks enabled by this website, I've organised conference panels, found employment, coordinated expeditions, and gotten to know all sorts of amazing people.

Five years minus two weeks ago, I paid for a permanent account. In two weeks, it will have paid for itself. I suspect I'll be around here a bit longer yet.

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