S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Shopping and SF

  • If you are buying seed packets, don't use the self-service tills. The packets don't weigh enough to register in the bag on the scale (which is used to "prove" the object was put in the bag) and each thus requires its own manual override. As did using my own bag because it already had library books in it. As did putting more than a flimsy plastic bag's worth of goods in the bag, as it is a backpack and can handle more weight than a flimsy plastic bag. Self-service shopping: only useful if you're buying the right products.

  • The place to be last night for SF was the Fishmarket in Northampton (UK), where Iron Cupcake was themed around science fiction. I wasn't there, but wishus and hungry_pixel were. I'm looking forward to their reports.

  • Looking through lapswood's photos of SFX's launch event for the Summer of SF Reading, I am struck by the total absence of female authors.

  • At least there are large numbers of female authors mentioned in reply to coraa's request for modern space opera recommendations.
Tags: science fiction
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