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Eurovision Semi-Final 1

The first semi-final for this year's Eurovision was last night. Unlike the semi-final, whatifoundthere isn't available on iPlayer, so I saw her last night (thanks to the wonderful hospitality of the_alchemist and borusa) instead of watching it broadcast live. Today, I had lunch with her again, along with kerrypolka and, much more importantly, sashajwolf, because she, unlike the rest of us, had the good taste to watch the semi-final last night.

So, the semi-final. (Comments are not in performance order. Many of them are followups to my initial video viewing, recorded here.)

The UK male host doesn't seem to recognize the moves to the Flash Mob dance for the half-time entertainment for the final (especially when they're being done by audience members to a different song). Oooh, there they are too in the audience while Iceland is singing. I wonder if the whole audience will be doing it during the final. I rather hope so.

I see we're failing to see the half-time show.

So, the Slovakian LARPers are out.
So is the cute accordian player from Finland.
Estonia's entry - which was bizarre in video form - was much more intriguing when sung live by Old School university boys.
The odd Latvian "What for?" isn't going through. So remember, if you think there are mockable entries in the final, I feel sorry for you. You missed out if you didn't see the semi-final.
She's decent, but Malta's song isn't the best of the big solo female pieces. Oh dear. I'd repressed the creepy bird man. I think his beak isn't quite so alarming though. Too bad they didn't make it through only because Malta is a huge Eurovision fan country.
I am SO glad F.Y.R Macedonia didn't make it through. It's no longer four middle age men on stage, but I'm not actually convinced that the long-haired skimpily-clad girls are an improvement. Especially when one of them is grabbed by the throat by the main singer.
Poland's performance is fascinating! I kind of love the synchronized apple biting on stage even if the women look kind of scary while doing it. I also like the women doing lifts with each other. The ending is just as disturbing as the video however.

Moldova - more fun than I remembered!
Russia - I'd stay for them at a pub or folk festival, still don't think they'll go far in the final.
Serbia - Oh, Serbia. I liked your video SO much better than your stage performance. You've lost some of the quirk and gained a whole lot of objectification of your on-stage women.
Bosnia & Herzegovina - I'm right! So much better without the random smily people at the end! This time I can observe it's the best rock and roll entry *because* there's so little competition in the genre. I do wish the backing singers showed slightly more signs of enthusiasm.
Belgium's "Me and my guitar" entry benefits from not having the video - it's stronger as a solo on-stage piece where it literally is him and his guitar.
Aww, Albania's lost the fairy-tale theme. Although really, I think it's a better performance as a result, if less mysteriously intriguing.
Boo, Greece has gone with white instead of the black-leather-and-chains. Well, actually, it's a synthesis of their two video modes, white with black leather gloves and boots. The song still doesn't do much for me.
Portugal's is a whole lot like the video, except the candle doesn't get blown out this time. The major difference is that this time it has the kind of nifty light-bulb dangly things which have been featuring as a stage element throughout the competition.
Belarus improved somewhat by doing without the CGI and gaining facial expressions. The wings are gimmicky, but at least they look pretty good once they're done popping.
Iceland stands up on second listen, but what I really notice about it is that the backup dancers look happy, healthy, and sensibly-but-elegantly dressed. I like how happy they look!
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