S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Once upon a time in my life, TSO stood for the "Toronto Symphony Orchestra". Today, it stands for "The Stationary Office", apparently. The English alphabet needs more letters; or perhaps English should just make more effecient use of its less-well-used letters to avoid so many duplicate acronyms.

I have barely flipped through a few pages of the Life in the UK book, and already I am indignant. Part of its required knowledge is an NHS phone number which has two digits too few to be valid as a current UK phone number. *sigh* The booklet is right. I have now fact-checked. But I am now indignant that NHS is messing with the telephone system by having a phone number which does not map onto a standard length. Also, I had thought I would briefly skim the book; now I am deeply certain that I shall sink into a morass of fact-checking because of things like this which seem too improbable to be true. And I already know some of it won't quite be true thanks to ambient media coverage.

It is never possible to proofread too much.
Tags: orientation, the art of reading
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