S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Dear World,

Lately, if I run contractions together and omit apostrophes, it isnt because I dont know how to use them. Its because, sometimes, I just cant be bothered to track down a handy blog post or email which contains an apostrophe and from which I can copy/paste one.

Generally, if I am apostropheless, I am also in possession of a non-functional delete key, and its enough of a pain to use my mouse to highlight problems so that I can type over them without hunting down wild apostrophes.

Those of you who have used apostrophes in your emails, posts, and updates in the past months, and from which I have pillaged liberally: thank you for the punctuation.

(Sometimes they work, often they dont, and I havent gotten around to seeing if the keys reparable yet, which apparently means I can live without them. Astonishing.)

I know. Ive been complaining about this problem intermittently for months, but I still feel Wrong when I post/send/communicate without apostrophes. And so this is an almost-apology for those lapses.
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