S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

State Fair again

Baby Ostriches at the Iowa State Fair 2010

We went back for another visit to the Iowa State Fair yesterday, along with something like 100,000 other people. This time, in addition to eating fried pickled cucumbers, fried cheese curds, and pineapple juice ice cream, we visited the baby animals. They're in a new, air-conditioned building targeting public education about animal births, so between the cute and the cool, it was jam-packed with fair visitors. There were goat triplets, just two hours old; a litter of piglets born that morning; an ostrich still pecking its way free from its shell; dozens of still-hatching chicks. Videos played on flat-screen televisions overhead of animal births from the previous few days.

Above is a trio of ostrich chicks, a couple of days old.

Other highlights: Realizing that the rabbits hadn't gone on Wednesday, they hadn't arrived yet. Seeing the rabbits. See the largest pumpkin. Admiring the dahlia competition. Seeing the finished sand sculpture in the Cultural Center. Photographing goats. Watch trials for the llama limbo.
Tags: iowa, state fair

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