S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Hair, learning American

To call it cute might make you think the hairdresser did more than tidy up my strands, but I quite liked the effect. Perhaps it helped that she was charming company.

She taught me some American English: when visiting Florida, she had asked for 20 cigarettes as a shop, and the clerk started counted counting out 20 boxes of cigarettes. When she explained, he told her that she needed to ask for 20 packets, not cigarettes.

I went to Barkingside with hair still damp from having it cut. I had never taken that bus before, and so hadn't realized that I could get there in one fell swoop, without changing units of transportation. Last week, France; today, Barkingside; next week, Leicester.
Tags: hair, language

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