S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Badinton, or lack thereof

I feel sorry for my badminton companions, but they're unable to play. They really do mean well. Last week one of them burned their hand. This week, they're both sniffly and sick. On the bright side, it means my Latin should actually be finished before class. We're reading a bit more of Augustine's Confessions before going on to read the Magna Carta which is, apparently, more about dowries than government per se.

I'm missing the talk I though I missed on Tuesday since I learned yesterday it's actually today, but I have a conflicting appointment. Oh well. I vowed at the beginning of this semester to go to fewer talks. I never realized it would be through absentmindedness and lack of writing things down in my schedule. Somehow, I was thinking it would be through self-restraint.
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