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Pumpkins again

Yesterday's Chenonceau pumpkins reminded me of the bigger ones I photographed back in August at the Iowa State Fair. The winner of the fair's biggest pumpkin prize (the one on the right) weighed an impressive 1,323 pounds.

There was not a trick-or-treater to be seen on our street yesterday, but the candy shelves at the grocery store were cleaned out. I feel like I may have had this problem before: the grocery store expects me to be organized and buy candy a day or five in advance of Halloween. At some point earlier, it had put all the small, easily unitable candy on sale at half-price, and the shelves had been cleaned bare. So - all the candy gone, but no trick-or-treaters. Perhaps it's just the abbreviated days and pre-hibernation instincts which are driving local shoppers to stock up on half-price candy?


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Nov. 2nd, 2010 12:02 am (UTC)
That is like the weight of ALL THREE OF MY KITTENS
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