S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
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Symposium, Part 2

On Pre-modern Technology and War

Papers in honour of Professor Bert S. Hall
Monday 8 November 2010 - Room 215, Victoria College, University of Toronto
9:00-10:30 Session 1 – CHAIR – Richard Hoffman, York University
Gwyndaf Garbutt, IHPST
Wonder in the Thought of Albertus Magnus

Steven Walton, Penn State University, State College, PA
Broadcasting Reality: Technology and Attention in the Pre-modern World

Kelly DeVries, Loyola University Maryland, Baltimore, MD
Moving Gunpowder Artillery Trains
10:30-10:45 COFFEE BREAK
10:45-12:15 Session 2 – CHAIR – John Christopoulos, IHPST
David McGee, Canadian Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa, ON
The Mathematics of Michael of Rhodes

Shana Worthen, University of Arkansas–Little Rock/UK
Bespectacled, Curly-Haired, and Opinionated: Technology and Symbolism
in Matham's Tabula Cebetis (1592)

Lesley Cormack, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Mathematics for Sale: Mathematical Practitioners, Instrument Makers, and Communities of Scholars in Sixteenth-century London
1:30-2:30 Session 3 – CHAIR – Marianne Fedunkiw, Glendon College
Paul Thompson, IHPST
Late Mediaeval Roots of Modern Science and Technology

Bart Hacker, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
The Invention of Armies: On the Military Origins of Complex Societies
2:30-3:00 Remarks and Comments on a Career
Trevor Levere, Professor Emeritus, Director IHPST (1981-1986 and 1993-1999)
Steven Walton, Former Doctoral Student, IHPST
Anjan Chakravartty, Current Director, IHPST (2009-)

Bert Hall
‘Rebuttal’/’The Last Word’
Tags: academia

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