S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Small World Stories

At the top of the Angel escalator, we ran into rozk, C., and various other people. I had seen R. only the previous night, and C. was heading elsewhere, but the various other people were en route to the same concert we were off to see, Dar Williams at the Union Chapel. We swept them along with our dinner plans for burgers at Byron.

I told our newly-met companions about my small world story from earlier in the week: A Random Internet Stranger and I exchanged remarks in the comments of catvalente’s journal, an exchange which culminated in dawning familiarity. "Were you at my house for Thanksgiving last week?", I asked her. The Random Internet Stranger had indeed been here. She, like C-who-was-heading-elsewhere, both now study with fjm. London is sometimes small this way.

So I told this story to these people, newly-met, and one of them said, "I went to university with catvalente! She is a friend of mine!" And then rozk pulled The Orphan's Tales out of her bag to complete our social symmetry.
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