S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

In also-ran news stories...

Soup and Cheese news
The latest in historical soup news: bone soup from the Warring States period.

Last week's cheese in space was not the first cheese in space, although it probably was the first gruyère. Last year, a piece of cheddar went into space with a weather balloon. I thought you should know. I wonder what kind of cheese will be next?

Filk and Eurovision news
For Heather Dale fans: she will be performing in the UK in February.

Were you thinking, however transiently, of attending the Eurovision finals in 2011, especially now that Italy is back in the competition? Tough luck. All 32,000 sold out in a few hours on Sunday. A few more small blocks of 1000 will be released in the coming weeks, and the semis go on sale in January.
Tags: cheese, eurovision, food, music, stew

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