S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The lure of the unknown

I think it started with black rice. I was remembering fondly the one packet I bought back in Toronto, and started looking for UK providers. At some point, possibly by means of cookbook-reading, I was distracted into looking for UK sources of akudjura, aka Australian bush tomato powder. I have not found it.

Unlike black rice, I have never tried akudjura, so I can hardly need it in the same way I covet the rice; but the descriptions of it intrigued me, which is how I find myself with 20+ tabs on Australian spices and fruits open just now. I now know that yakajirri is an akudjura-based blend, and quandongs are not obviously available in the UK either. Quandongs look particularly useful, as they can come in blue, a relatively rare food color. I am sure I don't need rosella confit, pepperberry, or wattleseed, but they do sound intriguing.

The Telegraph speculated in 2002 that Australian food in the UK might be the Next Big Thing, but if it was, I missed it by not yet living here. The article's suggested retailer only appears to sell meat these days.

At least black rice is vaguely easy to buy around here, now that I know where to look.
Tags: food

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