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Beyond the stars

If something is from "beyond the stars", where is it really from?

Can it be from beyond a mere two stars? (Sometimes, both our sun and theirs would intervene, after all.) Does it have to be from beyond *all* stars? Which stars are "the" stars?

This query brought to you via an ad for a book set near Alpha Centauri.


Jan. 6th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
a) Lovecraft's imagination.

b) The dark epoch between First Light (when the universe cooled enough for electrons to fall into stable orbitals around nuclei, resulting in a transition from plasma to hot gas and the release of the CMB) and the reionization (when enough Generation 1 stars had formed and lit up to re-ionize the interstellar gas). This epoch lasted several million years, and was as dark as any state the universe will be in until the epoch of star formation gutters and dies. And it's literally beyond the stars.