S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Odds and Ends

* The rest of my mail-ordered books arrived, including the decadent one, a collection of Aby Warburg's essays, translated into English, and another Anthony Grafton book. I ordered six items, and the company has seen fit to send them in four different packages. Their loss. At least everything appears to be coming.

* I learned that there is a fourteenth-century Welsh poem entitled "The Clock." I can't read Welsh, but the person who mentioned it to me can.

* Yet again, badminton did not happen, this time because Jen failed to reserved the gym. No one was there, but we were not permitted to play since someone else had reserved it. Instead we had a productive conversation about dissertations. We'll try again on Wednesday or Thursday, for when she has reserved the space. As long as no one comes down sick or injures themself, we'll be fine.

* Grad House (where many of my fellow students live) had no running water today, thanks to a burst pipe. An entire dorm's worth of students, waterless.

* A talk my mother gave this week was on the DM Register's list of the top ten cool things to do in Iowa this week! (Unranked list - don't worry, this for my own use - both my parents gave talks this week.)

* I feel minorly grown up, but in a good way, today. I received my very own invitation to a major family event. I didn't have to share an invite with the rest of the family - although I certainly don't mind doing that!

* What's remarkable about this particular quiz result is that it is written in terza rima. Nobody writes poetry in terza rima, unless in deliberate imitation of the Divina Comedia. It's a highly structured and therefore tricksy rhyme scheme to impose on a poem. Dante is at least relevant to my work at the moment, so this is thematically appropriate from that point of view.

I'm terza rima, and I talk and smile.
Where others lock their rhymes and thoughts away
I let mine out, and chatter all the while.

I'm rarely on my own - a wasted day
Is any day that's spent without a friend,
With nothing much to do or hear or say.

I like to be with people, and depend
On company for being entertained;
Which seems a good solution, in the end.
What Poetry Form Are You?

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