S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

At the speed of passports

Either I've been fortunate with passport turnaround speeds, or the governments I've been dealing with prefer - quite reasonably - to give high estimates, just in case it *does* take longer to process an application. The last time I renewed my US passport, it took a week, from the day I sent it off, until the day I received my new passport.

The estimated time of processingly a new passport holder's application in the UK is six weeks. It took me less than three, and that was with the interview-arranger's warning that I would have to wait an extra week for my interview if I went with the central London interview office instead of one of the county ones. (Interviews are now - as of a couple of years ago - required of first-time passport holders in the UK.) My new passport came by special delivery this morning.

Now going to visit Wales really would be entirely for the fun of it, and not in the least an act of symbolic rebellion against travel limitations.
Tags: orientation

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