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taldragon asked every so nicely, so I'll pass this on: 021411, a community for leaving anonymous Valentine's notes, whether for friends or crushes, is now available for note-leaving.

Some people have extraordinary drive, and have earned the money to let them do something about their visions. Thus, a former CTO of Microsoft, who trained one day a week at a top Seattle restaurant while doing that job, and earned a couple of PhDs before that while being an award-winning photographer, has spent the last several years with his lab, designed for generating patents, working on a cookbook: The Modernist Cookbook. Here's PopSci's article on him and it. That pea butter sounds amazing.

gillpolack has an open post (available through Wednesday) for asking her questions to which you wish to know the answer. She's a historian, a medievalist, a novelist, and a food scholar. She specifies that you don't have to know her or read her blog to ask questions.
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