S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Fire and Knives - Lunch by Ms Marmite Lover

Antique table settings

Kerstin Rodgers, better known as Ms Marmite Lover, runs London's best-known Underground Restaurant. She catered lunch at Fire and Knives' Mixed Grill event for the fortunately seventy of us who bought tickets in time. You can't tell from these closeups, but there were another five trestle tables with equal quantities of edible goodnesses.

The feast started late - the main event pushed it back - and so we weren't done by the time the events on the main stage resumed. Fortunately, the tables were in the back of the auditorium, so we could watch magicians, jugglers, and lecturers over our blancmange and cheese. As one of my companions observed when the rest of the audience started filing back in, it was like being part of the family at an English wedding, with the evening guests arriving and lunch not done.

It really was quite a good meal, from the lightly, lemony scallop soup with tender scallops freshly cooked on salt blocks to the impressive cheese selection from the Deli Station, whose commentary I sadly couldn't quite map to the cheese because of the fast-paced way it ended up happening.

Here is the full album of lunch photos.
Tags: food, food events

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