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An inadequacy of cookbooks

I had thought I owned quite a decent range of cookbooks these days, but today, they have failed me. As far as I can tell, i do not have single cookbook which suggests ways to cook pork belly. As I kept flipping through book after book, I eventually recalled that pork belly is nigh impossible to find in the US. None of my NA cookbooks had recipes, but I thought surely, surely, the British ones will. But no.

I am not lacking in ways to cook the meat: various brochures from Olive and the packaging of the meat itself offer up suggestions. There's always the whole wide internet. Still, I am feeling as if my cookbook collection isn't quite up to snuff today.



Apr. 12th, 2011 05:04 pm (UTC)
Oddly, this is almost exactly what I am currently doing with my pigs' cheeks. (Actually it's not that odd: a classic red braise, except that I have added in chillies and not used vinegar [because it would cut the heat] or rice wine [because, bizarrely, I appear to have none].)