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Royal Wedding etc.

The bus to the Tate Modern the other day passed by Westminster Abbey. I have never seen the lines to get in so long, wrapping around the block - the Royal Wedding effect. A large BBC truck was parked beside the building, as was a BT vehicle, laying the datalines to transmit large volumes of data next week.

But really, it was an email from a Germany-based tea & coffee company whose mailing list I am on which brought home the global scale of the thing: they began this month's advertising with a Royal Wedding mug and special tea blend.

Tomorrow begins ten days of national semi-shutdown. For three day's leave, an eleven day vacation. I imagine the airports will be packed.


Apr. 21st, 2011 11:25 pm (UTC)
There's an entire reality TV show here about it. Wedding-mad women were taken to London to meet people that actually know Kate Middleton (of which there must be several thousand...),fondle royal wedding ring replicas, and taunt Horse Guards. Why this was worthy of advertising space I've no idea.

(In my defense, I fell asleep watching ST:TNG and woke up to... that. Finding out about it wasn't deliberate.)