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Royal Wedding etc.

The bus to the Tate Modern the other day passed by Westminster Abbey. I have never seen the lines to get in so long, wrapping around the block - the Royal Wedding effect. A large BBC truck was parked beside the building, as was a BT vehicle, laying the datalines to transmit large volumes of data next week.

But really, it was an email from a Germany-based tea & coffee company whose mailing list I am on which brought home the global scale of the thing: they began this month's advertising with a Royal Wedding mug and special tea blend.

Tomorrow begins ten days of national semi-shutdown. For three day's leave, an eleven day vacation. I imagine the airports will be packed.


Apr. 22nd, 2011 10:14 am (UTC)
No sign of any Royal Wedding hype here, thank goodness. I was somewhat tempted by the Not A Royal Wedding Mug, but haven't ordered one because I'm not actually anti-Royal family; I just have no interest in the wedding and I wish they'd downsize, like the Dutch or Danish royal family.