S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Wood delivery, Eurovision semis, classes

The wood delivery guy recognized me this time, although he knew it had been a while. "How often do you have this delivered? Once a year?" Twice, actually. The wood is outside, looming over the increasingly-defunct duck.


Eurovision semi-final tonight, first round! If you are in the UK, these are the semi-finals you get to vote in. Will Azerbaijan, Finland, Norway, and Iceland make it through to the finals? Tonight, I find out.


Classes have ended, which means finals are about to begin. Most years, there is a week's break between spring semester and the first of the summer semesters. This year, there is not, which means in under two weeks, I will be getting to know a whole new batch of students - and the current group isn't even finished yet.
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