S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Whereever you may go...

No matter where I go, I still manage to come across well-intended Iowa insults/stereotypes. You know, the Iowa = Anyplace USA remarks. I've seen Des Moines mentioned in the Radio Times in England for just such a reason. It was an article on Chicken Run when it first came out - and began something along the lines of "People in London may know about this (can't remember what), but what would people in Des Moines, Iowa think?"

Today's was at First Thursday, made by someone who clearly had forgotten, if he ever knew, that I'm an Iowan. He was discussing a painful and amusing incident recounted to him by someone who used to work at the Deep Space Nine area somewhere in Vegas, and he made a remark about the obnoxious Klingons in the story coming from Iowa. He meant wherever, that much was clear from his story. But he chose his example as Iowa.

(Honestly, it's not that I'm hypersensitive about it, I'm just tuned in when the references are made!)
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