S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Celebrations and errands

I lived dangerously this afternoon. While pork was slow-roasting in the oven and wild rice slowly simmered on the stove, I ran out to buy new sandals. I was in luck: some fit, they were on sale, I bought them. Even better - the cost to fix my old sandals was reasonable enough, I have left them to be repaired at the nearby repair place. I made it home at least 10 minutes before the rice was done cooking.

On Friday, I celebrated Canada Day with a little Canadian flag.

Today, US Independence Day, I am celebrating with incoming SmithKatie, wild rice salad, corn relish, pulled pork, and root beer outside in the glorious weather and untended garden.

Tomorrow, just to round out the various countries represented, will be England playing Australia in cricket.

Meanwhile: off to start catching up with all the many things delayed by end-of-semester and the intensive three-day sff masterclass this weekend.

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