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Walking bareboot on the grass at Lords, I could understand the desire to run. It isn't a running track, but the vast expanse of cricket grounds, gorgeously manicured grass protected by a cover which moved on hovercraft. On the field, the stands curve protectively around and the sky is large, even with lowering clouds and light rain.

I went to my first cricket game today, an International One Day, England vs. Australia Women's teams. legionseagle was endlessly patient in teaching me what I was watching and with all my questions about the details. The teams obligingly demonstrated a whole variety of ways to hit the ball and go out. England was particularly obliging about ways to go out, and Australia was particularly good at batting today, as well as bowling. At the end of the game, they were down only three wickets to England's ten. Not that England played badly per se.

There were large numbers of schoolchildren thronging parts of the stands, loudly enthusiastic in following the game. Which is why it was so noticeable when they all left before the end of the game, possibly because it was the end of the school day.

Thanks to clanwilliam for organizing!
Tags: orientation

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