S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

King's Cross vs St Pancras

Poor King's Cross. Forever getting overlooked in favor of its architecturally more admirable neighbor. St. Pancras has finished its lovely renovation and is looking really rather good. Its neo-gothic arches line the ghosts of Harry's afterlife, which he recognizes - wrongly - as King's Cross.

The movies are good about having the Hogwarts Express leave from an actual King's Cross-looking platform at least.

Speaking of which, last night while waiting for a late night bus in front of King's Cross station, I noticed that "Platform 9 3/4" had been moved from inside the station to a new, more out-of-the-way and easy-to-find location at the visibel front of the station as part of ongoing renovations.

Thanks to highlyeccentric for organizing tonight's movie-going!

P.S. Am back from conferences and from Paris! Home!

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