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Poll #1: Subgenre prejudice

Quick! Be dismissive of a subgenre!

Urban fantasy
Military sf

Apropos of a passing comment of aliettedb's in the WorldSF Blog's (Global) Women in SF Round table discusion.

UF is very easily dismissed in the debate, and it’s making me quite ill at ease. In “male” terms, one possible analogue of UF would be military SF–which is overwhelmingly written by men–but I don’t see it being military SF being dismissed quite as fast as UF.



Jul. 21st, 2011 10:45 am (UTC)
p.s. I wrote the above up as I think it might be interesting in it's own right? the tl;dr is I'm inclined to dismiss both - but not entirely dismiss either
(whereas for the former meaning of 'Urban Fantasy' == punk rock elves I was predisposed to expect it to very much my kind of thing and also tended to expect more of it to be writing I would like too - which was a prejudice based on the authors I liked who wrote it, and the editors I liked who tended to edit the anthologies of such stuff, inlcingin me to expect other authors/ editors within the-subgenre-formerly-known-as-urban-fantasy-before- someone-took-the-term-and-applied-it-to-a-different-sort of-story-instead-leaving-me-with-subgenre-label-confusion-issues ;-) to be ssomething I'd like too )