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Those elusive pages

I have finished really-rather-poor book with the telegram. It featured some spectactularly hilarious info-dumps, so good I may yet share one with you before I return this to the library. But it was also clearly written by someone who was not British. (The author is American.)

At one point, the heroine spots a suspicious person going into a chemists. So she follows that person in and, to look busy while listening in, browses the magazines.

In American and Canadian drug stores, magazines are ubiquitous. It's one of the basic places to go and buy a magazine.

In the UK? Chemists don't stock magazines. The only time I have seen them there have been in giant Boots, Boots so large they are mini-department stores with an electronics section, books, and stationary.

Have you ever seen magazines for sale in a normal chemists in the UK?


Sep. 6th, 2011 10:27 am (UTC)
I think once, passing through a small village, where we popped in for a drink and found the pharmacist sharing the space with the food/drink/magazines/dry cleaning. Very unusual though - it is (was!) normally the post office that combines with general daily necessities that day.

My pet peeve of this kind is houses with bathrooms and people who bathe every day: all too many US fantasists project daily habits bred from having bathrooms and hot water actually under the same roof as the sleeping space onto characters who have neither.