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Glorious infodumps

The most exciting parts of the whole not-very-good novel I recently finished (see "telegram" and "magazines in chemists") were the info-dumps. They were gloriously, fantastically mismatched to their scenes, in such a well-intentioned way, that I kept hoping for more of them. (I sort of wish there had been far more of them than there were.)

They had their flaws, such as when the heroine, musing on how very old a barn is, observes that "This barn was a century old before most Europeans even entertained the idea of the world being round and land existing across the ocean to the west."

But here's my favorite. The heroine and hero are succumbing to their passionate attraction/lust for each other. They're solving a mystery together. It's around midnight and they're alone together. And he invites her back to his rooms to read some journals, part of the investigation. It's the first time that she's been in that wing of his excessively (and impractically) large house. She is astonished at the modernness of this wing of the manor.

(In case you'd forgotten, please do remember that they are succumbing to their passionate attraction to each other. You might have forgotten.)

And he says, "Yes, this is part of the remodeling my father did. To function efficiently in today's economic climate, an estate needs to be modern in both its management thinking and techniques as well as its offices. This estate is comparable to a combination large farm and large ranch in the States as we raise both crops and livestock. So, this is the heart of the business end where we have the computers and machines along with other devices necessary to a highly diversified working estate. And then there are the other business functions that do not relate to the day-to-day running of the estate such as the investments, rental properties and other holdings."


Sep. 6th, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
Ooooh! Talk dirty to me! how could any girl fail to be excited by an excessively large estate and a lot of electronic hardware...

(It probably does not help US writers that the Wiki page for 'mansion (defined by US realtors as any property large enough to possess a ballroom) opens with a photograph of Waddesdon Manor - if ever a property was mis-named...)
Sep. 6th, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
It is a house with more than 60 rooms! Some of which the hero has not entered in years! And he currently lives there mostly by himself, except for the very large staff.