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Doughnuts and doggy bags

I'm still day-dreaming about the snack I had yesterday afternoon: cool, smooth bitter-sweet blood orange juice with a plain sugar doughnut, the sugary crunch of the crystals and lovely contrast to the gentle tartness of the juice.

The other week, the BBC had an article on how British people do not take away their leftovers when they've ordered too much food in a restaurant. Choice quote:
Even a swanky restaurant like the three-Michelin star Waterside Inn in Bray would give you a bag, although it admits it has never actually had such a request.

"If they did ask, the customer comes first so we would do it," says Gina Curtis, secretary to chef Alain Roux.

"I don't think they will ever ask, they have too much money to ask."
I keep thinking about this. Surely it would be more likely that their patrons just wouldn't expect a place which doesn't do takeaway to have takeaway containers? I would think people with "too much money" would be much more likely to ask to takeaway their leftovers at the same sorts of places everyone else would expect to be able to, at least in the US.

I would be rather surprised if many three-Michelin star restaurants in the US stocked takeaway containers for those who over-ordered, frankly. But do enlighten me if otherwise!



Oct. 19th, 2011 09:23 pm (UTC)
I think the two nicest U.S. restaurants at which I've asked to take away my leftovers were Emeril's and NOLA (both Emeril Lagasse's restaurants in New Orleans, neither with a Michelin star). Both restaurants packaged my "doggy bag" as an aluminum foil swan.

I find that my manners are getting worse the more I enjoy food. Adam and I had the tasting menu at a new restaurant in Nashville last Friday, and the sauce for one course was so good that I asked for a piece of bread to sop it up. They didn't have bread, so I asked for a spoon. I held on to my spoon with a death grip for the next three courses until the waiter finally wrenched it away while I was nose down in the cheese course. Extrapolating from my spoon, I think I'd ask for my leftovers in a Michelin starred restaurant if I didn't already have an appetite like a Dyson.
Oct. 20th, 2011 11:17 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've only asked for leftovers in non-takeaway restaurants in the UK twice and both times they where swanned. The first was some leftover cakes from afternoon tea at the National Portrait Gallery. The second was the carcass from a whole roast chicken at a gastropub (which had a bit of meat on it still but was mostly for stock).