S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Interdisciplinarity and a mock exam

It's very cold out. This wouldn't have mattered so much if the streetcars hadn't been delayed on the way home. After a 20 minute wait in the wind, four of them finally showed up all together. I was coming home later than I had intended to since, in the end, I decided to go to Jill's talk, entitled "Climates of Collaboration." The title is only a good one once you know that it's about theories of interdisciplinary work and collaboration by scientists, and that her example is a group working on climate change. Jill's a good speaker and, despite being theory heavy, I did enjoy it.

I'm interested in the idea of interdisciplinary work, especially as contrasted with multidisciplinary work. The former is a buzzword. The later is usually what it turns out to be, but that's no bad thing. Bringing the skill sets of multiple disciplines to bear on a single problem can yield rich results, but it's not the same thing as applying the skills of one discipline to another, or finding skills which lie between the boundaries of disciplines.

Anyways, all this meant that I arrived home late and frozen, and am only now getting around to taking the mock latin exam. Better later than that I miss the deadline entirely.

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