S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Civic Alphabet

A is for Antwerp (although I then went to Amsterdam, so between them, A is well-covered.)
B is for Brussels

So what are the rules of this game? I was thinking about that when I passed through Sloane Square and took a picture of its Christmas lights tonight, unable to remember if it's in Belgravia or Chelsea. The answer's Belgravia and from there I went to Battersea, so it's moot whether or not a borough should count for this project as I was loitering in the Bs.

Based on the accidental start, my inclination is to stick to whatever appropriate civic entity comes along (or I seek out) in alphabetical order. I know this means it could take years to complete. That's okay.

Clearly too, I need to take at least one photo while in the relevant location.

But what counts as an appropriate location? Clearly cities do. But do boroughs? Do sestieri? Do sprawling suburbs? If it's a civic administrative unit, does that count, or does it have to be a separately delineated city/town/village? If I counted Manhattan for M, should I simultaneously count New York City for the next letter along?

I know it's my project - should I choose to pursue it - but I'm still interested in your thoughts on it.
Tags: civic alphabet

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