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Photos from the train

Geneva was dark when the train pulled out. Gradually, the sun rose, illuminating parts of Lake Geneva through trails of clouds.

Into the Vallais region, where there was snow on the ground at the train's level, as well as on mountain peaks. I spent much of the trip reading the Switzerland guidebook, which was most reorienting for me for the last two centuries, from Napoleon's influence, to how late women's suffrage came to the cantons, to the scandals of a decade ago which shattered Swiss self-identity with regards to neutrality in WWII.

Finally, the Venetian lagoon.



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Dec. 30th, 2011 11:46 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! Love the 2nd picture. The full resolution version reveals a lot of the scene features the reduced size loses. Love the orchard (olive?) in the center.
The Venice lagoon small and medium pictures lost the two boats, but the full size version did fine. An outboard followed by an inboard. The island off in the distance is interesting too. Those pylons in the water intrigue me. Channel guide markers?
I'm currently rereading a Mercedes Lackey fantasy story based in Venice, The Shadow of the Lion. I wonder if you've read it and if so, is her picture of 1500's Venice is accurate?

Sadly, the first picture focused on the rain drops on the window so the full size picture has little extra detail, too out of focus. But still an interesting scene.
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