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I have books piling up around me, and I haven't even been to a library. Instead, these ones are largely pillaged from my parents' bookshelves and are feeding my dissertation data accumulations. I'm feeling fairly productive and relaxed from being on vacation. Not a bad combination at all.

Odds and Ends
Quibbles: I read about a $6 million fire on Friday. I had trouble conceiving of how on earth a fire could be that expensive to start. Then again, this is the same day that I wondered why anyone would bother having a peace protest - what's so objectionable about peace, generally speaking?

Dust and bones: H.D. Miller writes about the chapel where the bones of St. Valentine are located, neglected and dusty.

Blue sky: After the snowstorm came blue skies. Beautiful blue skies with clear stars and night and not a cloud in sight. I made a snow angel this afternoon (since C. had never seen a 'real' one. He still hasn't, but I took pictures). It was peaceful, lying in the deep snow for a few minutes, looking up at the unadulterated blue of the sky.