S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Things to do on a Friday

I've now twice discovered that things I thought were happening today aren't. That it's slightly disorienting isn't the problem. That I need to schedule myself to work for the afternoon means that I need to decide what it is I should be doing today. I can't very well translate German all day. It's nothing against German, but it takes me circa 10 minutes to translate most sentences in this book. The grammar's fine, but I just don't know the vocabulary yet. Perhaps many months from now when I've completed the chapter...

So, one page of German is on my agenda for the day. That covers about half the day.

If only my computer would arrive, I know exactly what I need to do. But no, I need to be able to achieve work today even without it. I haven't read Science and Creation yet, that's an option. (And no, it has nothing to do with Darwinism, let alone the 19th, 20th, or 21st centuries.) Actually, I do have a list of odds and ends which qualify as PhD, if not dissertation, related: compile list of interesting conferences and their deadlines; order 2 books which are VERY relevant to work; and write up capsule summaries of topics I would be interested in developing into a conference paper. There. That's a day's worth of work.

3 hours for German. 3 for making conference list and also writing at least 1 summary. Ordering the books might take half an hour if I'm easily sidetracked by the rest of the catalogs. And my backup activity will be reading that slightly-more-related-than-the-last-oe book.

(C. suggested I write a book review of the vaguely-related book so I would remember what it was about. I did it last night. Good me. I'm a lousy note-taker while reading since I either write down things randomly interesting, or so many things that the book is never finished because I'm so busy writing.)

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