S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Hartpury Bee Shelter

Hartpury Bee Shelter

We were still around an hour from our destination, driving west across Gloucestershire, and the sun was starting to set. I saw a sign for a historic bee shelter a mile off of the main road and suggested we turn around to go see it. A historic bee shelter!

And that's how we came to be in Hartpury on Saturday. The village has one of the country's largest tithe barn - and this fantastic mid-nineteenth century bee shelter. It was made by a somewhat local stonecarver who'd already worked on the Palace of Westminster at this point in his career, made perhaps to advertise his skill and the selection of locally-available stone, as it was made from a variety of them. In any event, it eventually ended up at a local agricultural college and then, restored within the last decade, in its current home in the churchyard at Hartpury.

It's no longer in use, but what a visionary way to keep hives!

The place further endeared itself to me through its name, whose roots are the same as "hard perry". Appropriate, regional, and tasty.
Tags: travelogue, travels in england

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