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Preposition vs. conjunction

Which of the following versions are you, personally, more likely to use? (I know it may be difficult to assess your own usage once asked.)

She was taller than him.
She was taller than he was.

This poll is thanks to a question that geesepalace asked me about British vs. US usage.


Feb. 27th, 2012 05:15 am (UTC)
I think I would use both, but my impression is that I favour number 1.

I now had to read up on this controversy. We say "the taller of two" the "of" acts to introduce the class used in the comparison. So it seems like their should be a parallel way to introduce the other object in a two way comparison without having to resort to a whole new clause and "than" as preposition fits the bill. Maybe we just need to invent a new preposition.

Would someone really say 5 is greater than 3 is? Of course that would be idiomatic to mathematics and hardly proves anything generally.

You could presumably avoid this by saying "She is taller of the two." [assuming there is no third "it" who has been introduced]