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Time comes and goes

According to the LiveJournal Review, "several (LJ) users have actually become productive citizens for a change." I found that LJ being down had something of the opposite effect on me. I have a fairly well-established list of sites I look over on a daily basis. There aren't many of them. I'll look at one or two others each day as well, but generally not more, so I can feel both updated, and as if I haven't used up too much of my time.

Various LJ weblogs (read: friends page) are part of that daily routine. Without them, it felt as if I should read a few online things - and each time I thought about doing this, it turned into an open-ended webwander session, which is particularly wasteful of time. Perversely, it was through this very activity that I located the LiveJournal Review, an independent website where LJ staff occassionally post in the comments section as well.

Nevertheless, I do feel as if I've been productive lately: I did huge amounts of organizing on Thursday, so most of my piles of papers are categorized by topic now, if not ordered in any particular way. There's still much more to be done with them. Today, I made good inroads on my work hours. All is not wasted.